Los Angeles: RedGlaze Magazine Interviews Christine Silverman Hair Colorist..

This week, RedGlaze Magazine is off to L.A. to meet one of the best trailblazing talents in the world of Hollywood hair color: Christine Silverman. Silverman specializes in such techniques like Bombshell and Bayalage, which makes her a superb haircolorist. Whether it be golden blonde hair, strawberry red hair, or rich brunette hair, Christine pays rigorous attention to detail and has an obsession for perfection. Her creations are never boring or bland, but they rather polished, elegant and artistic.


Hi Christine! What does mean to be a Haircolorist?

Being a hair colorist means that I get to make people look and feel beautiful and have an intuitive understanding about what makes a particular person become their best self. I have always enjoyed fashion, beauty and style. To be able to make a living doing this is truly something I am grateful for.


How important were your studies at Art School for this job?

My background is fine arts and for me spending most of my life studying color theory and art has been exponentially beneficial to the way I see hair color. The materials are different and there is certainly a great deal of chemistry involved but having an eye for a finished outcome is not always something that comes naturally to people. I believe my artistic background has been key in the way I look and think about hair color.


How do you feel about being considered one of Hollywood’s best talents?

I feel honored to be considered one of the best hair talents in Hollywood. I work at one of the best salons in Beverly Hills and I am surrounded by a group of incredibly talented and inspiring artists. We all push each other to get better and grow as hairdressers and I feel lucky to work amongst them and be considered one of the elite.

How much does the color in the personality and aesthetics of a person?

Haircolor can completely change how someone sees themselves, and there is a delicate balance between what people want and what will actually look good on them whilst also complimenting their lifestyle. For example, if someone wants to be a rich blonde but they don’t want to spend the time taking care of their hair outside of the salon as well as coming in on a regular basis for highlights, it may not be the best option for them.

Bayalage… When did you decided to specialize in this technique? And…why?

My favorite technique to use is balayage, and it’s also the only way I do highlights. I love the natural sun kissed effect it creates. It always works by utilizing someones natural hue as a beautiful starting point and doesn’t look unnatural. Coming from a place of being artist, it also allows me to be a painter…my canvas is now hair!

One of the colors that fascinates us women is the Blonde, do you think it is the right shade for every woman? What is the proper attention that a lightened hair person needs to stay healthy?

I think that many people have an impulse to go blonde, and I don’t feel it is always right for everyone that wants it. Many people that desire to be blonde are very dark naturally, and the process can be very damaging to the hair. On top of this, someone with darker hair and complexion may not be suited to be a blonde. It’s much more realistic and beautiful to have sun-kissed moments in the hair. If they understand this and still insist on being blonde, I always recommend regular in-salon treatments and rigorous at home care with masks and oils. I work with a product line called Brazilian Bond Builder which I use in my lightener and haircolor. It re-builds the bonds that are broken during chemical processes. They also have an amazing demi-permanent conditioning treatment that I offer as an in-salon treatment.


Martha Padovani.







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