Paris: RedGlaze Magazine Interviews Tobias Sagner, an international Hairdresser.

For the first time RedGlaze Magazine is outside Italy and meets an international Hairdresser: Tobias Sagner.


He was born in Berlin, studied classical ballet in Berlin and Antwerp, by the age of 19 scouted as a model then moved to London; through ( thanks to) modeling He found his love for hair and started his training as a hairdresser, then began working freelance in a studio for a couple of years before becoming assistant to Stephane Lancien for 3 years today represented by CallisteAgency in Paris and working for international clients.

 Who is Tobias today?

After changing cities and professions already a couple of times in my life I would say that today, to a certain point I have “arrived”. I’m living in Paris and working as a session hairstylist for fashion editorials and runway shows, beauty and fashion advertising and celebrities.

When was your passion for Fashion born?

I actually never had a passion for fashion, I grew up in the world of dance, theater and classical music and entered the world of fashion by accident when I was scouted by a model scout at the age of 19. When I started with hairdressing I quickly understood that it was basically the continuation of dancing, based on a craft you have to study and then the constant perfection of your work, always looking for inspiration in art and film and nature. Fashion for me was the field where I felt I could express myself the best as a hairdresser so I started growing more and more into this world.

You work in different cities, how does that change the meaning of hairstyling?

Doing hair is the same anywhere you go in the world , but it’s true that different markets require or desire different approaches when it comes to aesthetics. The French market is more based on an easiness then the English that is more conceptual or the German requiring a certain perfection, but hairdressing itself doesn’t change.

 How does it feel when your work gets on the covers of major fashion magazines?

I have to admit that there is a certain amount of pride when I see my work published, especially when it’s in a magazine that I personally read.

 Fashion means: Photo shots, Fashion shows, Videoclip, Spot….but what is the place where Tobias is able to express himself the best? Why?

There are in fact two fields where I feel at best doing them, one is working for fashion editorials: it is where I like to express myself, play with the character and attitude of a model, create a connection between her and me and the photographer, there are sometimes moments of passion and happiness when you create something beautiful, then I know why I chose this job. The other field is  hair commercials, the technical aspect of doing hair for film is very high and the effort and amount of work it requires really tickles me to be the best at it.

(What does it mean to be an international hairstylist?) What does being an international hairstylist mean?

It means that you have to travel often, you have very little time for yourself or friends as days are often long and intense and a lot of work is often confirmed short in advance, so it is difficult to make plans. On the other hand I get to see a lot of different places and countries, people, cultures, hotels and restaurants. Today I can say that I have seen a good amount of this world and it is an amazing experience.

You worked at Fashion Week….can you tell/give me a preview/an anticipation of the new trend of hairstyle/hair fashion for this year?

When it comes to fashion we are still in an era of “undone” hair but I can see a tendency to putting more effort into hair, curly hair is definitely big this season.

Martha Padovani


…and Thanks to Marina Leandri


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